Family of Mary Elizabeth Swindell

(1900 - 1985)
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Mary Elizabeth was the first born to Leander and Olive Swindell. She was born in Brownsville, PA on 24 Jan 1900. She married William Flemm Herron in April or May 1923 in Akron, Ohio. They raised six children. Mary Elizabeth was known as Lib to many family and friends, and her husband, William was known as Whitey. They lived in Akron for some time, then moved and finally settled in Ashland, Ashland County, Ohio. Mary Elizabeth died on 18 Feb 1985 in Ashland, Ohio. Her husband died prior to this.

  1. Robert Elmer Herron was born in Ohio
  2. William Earl Herron was born in Ohio
    1. David William Herron
    2. Ann Marie Herron
      1. Adam
  3. James Leonard Herron was born in Ohio
    1. Michael Ray
      1. Christopher Michael
    2. Susan Renee
      1. Bridgette Lee
      2. Sabrina Sue
    3. Stephen James
    4. Nancilee
      1. Kyle Robert
  4. Shirley Elizabeth Herron was born in?
    1. Barbara Ann
      1. Jennifer Elizabeth
      2. Cory James
    2. Catherynn Lynn
      1. Rodney Wayne
      2. Stacey Renee
      3. Rachel Lynn
    3. Jeffrey Alan
      1. Josh Alan
      2. Lindsey Marie
      3. Jeffrey James
    4. Karen Lee
      1. Michael Lee
      2. Matthew Ryan
  5. Thomas David Herron was born in?
    1. Kelly Elizabeth
    2. Scott Andrew
    3. Jodie Lynn
      1. Emily Elizabeth
  6. Kenneth Eugene Herron was born in Ohio
    1. Marjorie

- Ms. Karen Ruth Swindell Bosecker -