Family of Amy Swindell

(1852 - ?)
7th Child of William Swindell
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Amy Swindell, born on 15 June 1852, was the 7th child born to William and Mehetible Swindell. She too was born in Madison Township, Ohio. It is believed she married a man named Landon Osborn in Licking County, Ohio. He is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Licking County, Ohio. We do not know when Amy died or is buried. There is no listing for her in the Swindell cemetery plot in Cedar Hill. Landon Osborn's body was transferred from the Swindell plot, lot 5 to section 9E1/2 Lot 88 on 28 Mar 1916. It is possible that Amy is buried somewhere near him. It is believed that Amy had two children with him. This is all that is known of her and her family

  1. Richard P. born August 1884 in Ohio
  2. Wellie born December 1885 in Ohio

- Ms. Karen Ruth Swindell Bosecker -