Family of Annas H. Swindelll

(1842 - 1911)
3rd Child of William Swindell
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Annas H. Swindell, born 05 Jan 1842, was the third child born to William and Mehetable Swindell. Annas was born in Madison Township and grew up there. Throughout all census records, death notices, and other records, we find his given name is spelled many ways: Annas, Annis, Anos, and there are also a few entries that list him as a female instead of a male. In connecting records, we find the spelling should be Annas, and he is a male.

He married Amelia M. Lee in Licking County. She was born on 03 March 1845. Annas and Amelia lived in Newark Township in 1870. Amelia died on 16 April 1880 and is buried, along with two of her infant children at Old North Lawn Cemetery in Utica, Ohio, which is just north of Newark. The original small tombstones are there, but are difficult to read. There is also a large pyramid shaped monument at the grave sites with Amelia's name and information, the names and dates of the two deceased children, and the name of Annis Swindell as the husband she left behind.

  1. John Edward Swindell b. 17 Oct 1866 died 09 June 1867 Ohio
  2. Lillian Swindell b. 1866 in Ohio
  3. Ben Allen Swindell born 1872 in Ohio
  4. Mary Swindell b. 1874 in Ohio
  5. Jessie Swindell b. 1878 in Ohio
  6. Wellie Swindell b. 01 Jan 1876 died 09 May 1876 in Ohio

Annas Swindell is found on 02 June 1880 living in St. Louisville, Licking County, Ohio with two of his children, Ben Allen age 8 and Jessie S. age 2, and his sister Catherine A. The other two daughters of Annas', Lillian and Mary, were found living with Amelia's parents, John and Mary Lee, in Lee Township, Brown County, Illinois. They are found in the 1880 Census taken June 08, 1880. I found it interesting the town is the same name as their surname. It appears Amelia had two brothers, Ben and John W., and a sister Julia living at home with their parents at this time.

Annas moved to Mt. Sterling, Illinois with all four children, and Amelia's mother helped with them. Later, in 1904, he moved to Michigan City, Indiana, near where his sister Katherine and a husband named Robert Benwell were found living. Annas was found to still be living here with his daughter Jessie Swindell in 1910.

Annas died at his home at 902 Wabash Street in Michigan City, Indiana in 1911 after being ill since February of 1911 due to heart disease. Annas was 69 years old. At this time we do not know where Annas is buried.

Below is the information we found on each of these children

  1. John Edward Swindell was born on 17 Oct 1866 and died on 09 June 1867. It is not known what he died of. He is buried in Old North Cemetery in Utica, Ohio.

  2. Lillian Swindell married a man named Frank Bradney; in 1900 and were living in Lee, Brown County, Ill. They were married approximately in 1885 in Illinois. There were a total of three children born to them, the last born 18 years after the second child.

    1. Carrolton born in Nov 1888 in Illinois. Carrolton, also listed as Carl Earl Bradney married Margaret Sarah Lane. They had five children:

      1. Helen B. born in 1914
      2. Doris Maxine born in 1916 in Indiana
      3. Don S. born 24 Jan 1918 in Indiana
      4. Betty born in 1920
      5. Rosemary born 02 Apr 1921 in Valparaiso, Indiana. Rosemary married Thomas Welch Cochran who was born in 1913. One of their children is Margaret
    2. Faye born May 1889 in Illinois

    3. Frank Jr. born about 1908 in Indiana. Frank Jr. married a woman named Helen and is found living with Frank Sr. and Lillian in 1930 in North Township, Lake Co., Indiana.

  3. Ben Allen Swindell married a woman named Grace. They lived in Proviso, Cook County, Ill in 1920. Grace was born in Illinois about 1843. At the time of Annas' death in 1911, Ben and his family lived in DeKalb, Ill. In 1920 it's shown there were three daughters born to them.

    1. Helen born about 1906 in Illinois
    2. Ruth born about 1908 in Illinois
    3. Gertrude born about 1915 in Illinois
  4. Mary Swindell was born in 1874 in Licking County, Ohio. She married a Frank Wetzel on 31 Jan 1894 in Adams County, Illinois. They lived in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1911 at the time of her father's death. In the 1900 United State Census they lived in Michigan, Indiana and Mary's sister, Jessie lived with them. There were at least two children born to them. Their names are as follows:

    1. Juanita Wetzel born in 1895
    2. Norma Wetzel born about 1897
  5. Willie was born on 01 Jan 1876 and died on 09 May 1876. He is buried in Old North Cemetery in Licking County, Ohio with his mother and brother.

  6. Jessie S. Swindell was born in 1878 in Licking County, Ohio. She did not marry nor did she have any children. She helped take care of her father and also lived with her sister Mary.

- Ms. Karen Ruth Swindell Bosecker -