Family of H. Della Swindell

(1864 - 1940)
3rd Child of James H. Swindell
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H. Della Swindell was born in 1864 in Illinois to James and Mehetible. She was raised in Newark, Ohio and appears to have lived there her entire life. Mehetible died in Illinois and James returned to Ohio with the three children. In 1880 we find James married to Rebecca and two additional children.

Della married a man by the name of Frank A. Schwoch, also of Newark, Ohio, sometime around 1892. Frank was born in Germany in March of 1863. There were three children born to them.

  1. James Elva born in Oct of 1893
  2. John Willard born in Oct of 1895
  3. Florence born in April of 1900

When looking through documents, we find that Della appears to be a very Christian woman. There is mention in some newspaper articles in the Newark Advocate in Newark, Ohio where she states ?(A) I will not give in to sin, I am not a wolf in sheep's clothing, but stand for the right regardless of all persecutions ? China ? save people of Ohio from immorality as well as liquor ? Saved People for GOD ?.
In December of 1908 her son, Willard, was taken into custody, accused of stealing a small item from a store. Della wrote an article which appeared in the newspaper in Newark which stated that "? do not want a penny's worth we do not get honestly".

Her last name is found spelled Schwoch and Schowch, the first being the correct spelling. In the death notice of her Uncle Whitfield Ackley it mentions a niece Mrs. Schwoch of Newark.
In another article it's stated that Della and her family took a five-week trip where they visited relatives and friends in Chicago, Bloomington, and Hudson, Illinois and Michigan City, Indiana in September through October 15 of 1902.
The Schwoch family lived on Western Ave in Newark in 1902. Della's Uncle Annas, Aunt Katherine, and a few other relatives lived in Michigan City, IN. at this time.

There is no further mention of their daughter Florence in any of the articles or historic records, other than the 1900 census. In the Swindell family plots at Cedar Hill Cemetery there is a Florence Gertrude buried there, but I have not confirmed this is her.

In 1910 the family, still living in Ohio, shows Frank, Dellie, James E., and John H. Schwoch. There is no mention of Florence.

Both the boys, James and John (who were called by their middle names growing up) were found to have enlisted in the service as of May 1917. James listed with the National Guard and John with the Army. At this time the family lived at 40 Wing Street in Newark. This address has shown up with other family members of William Swindell's children. There was a medal presented by the people of Newark to John Schwoch. It was mailed to him and he sent a thank you letter asking the editor of the Newark Advocate to please print it, which he did.

Frank A. Schwoch died on 13 Feb. 1919 in the city hospital due to abscess of the lungs. It states one of his son's was in France and the other in the U.S. but cannot be located. He also leaves behind his wife. Frank was buried in the Swindell Family plot in Cedar Hill Cemetery.

In 1920 John W. Schwoch was found living in Indianapolis, Indiana as a boarder with the Smith family, while Della H. Schwoch was found as a patient in a hospital in Columbus, in Franklin County, Ohio. It has been said, by some family members, Della suffered from syphilis and it affected her brain and that she was placed in a mental hospital.
There are newspaper articles referring to Probate Court in Licking County referencing Julius Juch as guardian of Della H. Schwoch. These notices appear as early as May of 1933 through 1937. I am not sure who Julius Juch is or what account she is guardian over for Della.

The Cedar Hill Cemetery Records in Newark, Ohio shows Della H. Schwoch (Schowch) died on 06 April 1940. The records state she was born in Illinois and is the daughter of James and Mehetabell Ackley. She is buried in the Swindell family plots.

The only other notice of this family is a death index for James Elva Schwoch born 27 Oct 1893 in Ohio, and died 16 Jan 1981 in Los Angeles, California. It also shows his mother's maiden name as Swindle.

Although her father, James, died on 06 Aug 1917, there is no mention of H. Della, or the younger two daughters, in his death certificate.

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- Ms. Karen Ruth Swindell Bosecker -