Family of James H. Swindell

(1835 - 1917)
1st Child Born To William and Mehetable
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James H. Swindell
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James H. Swindell was the first of nine children born to William and Mehetable Swindell. He was born on 22 June 1835 in Madison Township, Licking County, Ohio. His first marriage was to Mehetable Ackley (yes, the same first name as his mother) sometime around 1855 in Licking County, Ohio.
Mehetable was born on 15 July 1832 in Licking County, near Wilkins Corners to Levi and Jane Ackley. Mehetable also had a twin brother named Whitfield.

There were three children born to James H. and Mehetable. Leander Jehu was the only son, first child, and my direct family line. Their third child, H. Della, was born in Illinois in 1864, where it is believed Mehetable died sometime between 1864 and 1869.
There were both Swindell's and Ackley's living in Illinois at this time so we are not sure why the family was here. It is said that Mehetable is buried in Illinois, but no one has found her grave or information of this. She is not found buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Newark, Licking County, Ohio.

James then returned to Licking County, Ohio with his three children, and married a Rebecca McLaughlin around 1870. She was the daughter of Thomas and Margaret McLaughlin, and was born on 04 May 1832 in Ohio.
There were two daughters born to James and Rebecca, both in Ohio. Rebecca died on 09 Oct 1910 and is buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery.

James lived in the Pittsburgh, PA area for a while with his son Leander, and daughter Ella (Clarinda Ella). He and his son both were paper hangers, had a shooting gallery, and a few other odd jobs. They were found in Pittsburgh in the late 1890's, but James was back in Ohio prior to 1900 After Rebecca's death in October of 1910, he went back to Pittsburgh area, where he died on 06 August 1917 at the home of his daughter, Clarrinda Ella Gunn.
It is also mentioned that Leander may have been living there as well.

James' body was brought back to his brother John's home on Cedar Street in Newark, Licking Co., Ohio where the funeral was held. James is buried in the family plot at Cedar Hill Cemetery.
According to the death notice, James had been an invalid for nine years and his death was caused by complications. Since Rebecca died in 1910, James must have been taken to his daughter's house in Pittsburgh where she could care for him.

  1. Leander Jehu Swindell b. 12 Nov 1859 in Newark, Licking Co., Ohio
  2. Clarrinda Ella Swindell b.? about 1863 in Licking County, Ohio
  3. H. Della Swindell b. October 1864 in Illinois
  4. Laura Swindell b. about 1871 in Licking County, Ohio
  5. Julia E. Swindell b. about 1873 in Licking County, Ohio

- Ms. Karen Ruth Swindell Bosecker -