Story of Julia E. Swindell

(1872 - ?)
5th Child of James H. Swindell
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Julia E. Swindell is the last daughter born to James and Rebecca Swindell. She was born in Ohio, Newark, in 1873. She married a man named Ross W. Bair approximately 1890. The family was living in Chicago, Ill. in 1900 and in 1910. They had two children born to them

  1. Leroy born about 1891 in Pennsylvania
  2. Gertrude born about 1893 in Ohio

Their son, Leroy H. Bair married a woman named Marquerite M. Bair and they had three Children:

  1. Ross W. Bair born about 1916
  2. Dorothy A Bair born about 1918
  3. Shirley M. Bair born about 1922

Nothing further is known of this family at this time.

- Ms. Karen Ruth Swindell Bosecker -