Family of James Leon Swindell

(1902 - 1960)
2nd Child of Leander Jehu Swindell
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James Leon Swindell photo

James Leon Swindell
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James Leon Swindell was born on 12 February 1902 in Brownsville, Pennsylvania to Leander and Olive Swindell. He is the only son and second child of Leander. The family lived in this area for a few years, then moved to Akron, Summit County, Ohio. James never talked much about his childhood, and he and his sister were not permitted to talk about their father after he left in 1912, even though James went with his father at that time.

One of the few stories that have been said is that Leander and Olive had met through a love column in the newspaper.

His father was a paperhanger and a schoolteacher in or around Brownsville or Independence Township areas in Beaver County, PA.

As mentioned earlier, when James was about 12 years old, the family was living in Akron, Summit County, Ohio. Leander separated from his wife in May of 1914 and took James with him. It was always told that James and his father went to Detroit, Michigan but no one knows for how long. From what we have found in various records, it is believed that James and Leander returned to PA sometime around 1915 or 1916.

In 1917 James returned to his mother's home in Akron, Ohio. When he showed up at her door she was cold toward him and asked what he was doing here. James stayed with his mother and sister, Mary Elizabeth. We find in the 1920 U.S. federal Census that Olive, Mary, and James are living on South Main Street in Akron, Summit Co., Ohio. It is speculated that James returned to Akron, while his father continued to Newark, Ohio because this was about the same time as the death of Leander's father, James H. Swindell. We believe Leander returned to Newark along with his father's body from PA where they both were living at Leander's sister's home.

James met a woman named Ruth Carolyn and they were married on 02 June 1925 in Akron, Summit County, Ohio. The marriage took place at East market Street Church of Christ.

Ruth Carolyn was born on 06 May 1908 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio to a Mary Macky. Her birth father was Oscar Lillstrung. Ruth was born out of wedlock and given up for adoption at age 6 or 8 weeks old. The name given to her at birth was Virginia Macky. When she was just a few months old she was put in a foster home, then later adopted by the Kimpflin family. The adoption was finalized on 23 Jan 1909. It was not until age 12 when she learned she was adopted by Louis and Josephine Kimpflin, which was after her adopted mom passed away in 1920. A niece of the Kimpflin's made a comment that she (Ruth) doesn't really even belong to the family. For years Ruth tried to find out information on her birth parents.

After James and Ruth were married (and for several years after) she continued her search for her birth parents. At one point Ruth even hired a private investigator to try to find information. She did learn as a teenager that her birth name was Virginia Macky after she had found some papers hidden in the Kimpflin's belongings.

It was not until 1984 when we were finally able to get a copy of her actual birth records and the adoption records showing the names of her birth parents, and place of birth. There was also some paperwork in her adoption file from the caseworker describing her as a very young child.

After Ruth received her adoption papers, she and a few other family members were able to locate a great niece of her birth fathers. The niece's name was Sylvia Lillstrung of Painseville, Ohio. Sylvia was able to provide photos of Oscar and much information on his family. We believe we've also located family members of her birth mother, Mary Macky and we do have a few photos of her as well. Ruth said that she finally felt like she belonged somewhere and to somebody.

James was ill for some time and, according to Ruth, he underwent surgery about 1950 on his liver. The doctors said it looked like there were tubular spots on it. After surgery James was doing ok for about 6 years. He then started losing weight. A few years later he underwent surgery again and they had to cut out part of his stomach. The doctors also hooked his esophagus to his intestines. He was not able to eat solid food after this. James only lived about two weeks before he died while still in the hospital. According to Ruth, you could actually see lumps on James' body. Ruth also said that James had pancreatic cancer.

James died on 17 Dec. 1960 and is buried in Glendale Cemetery in Akron, Summit County, Ohio in section H 25 Row 17 along with the Kimpflin family. Ruth died on 27 Dec. 2000 and is also buried here.

The family always remained living in the Akron area while the kids were growing up.

It was always said amongst these Swindell children that not much was ever talked about in their home about their grandfather, Leander. Their grandmother, Olive did stay with them for some time, and she was a mean older lady. She was not nice in her talk; she would try to trip the children as they went past her, and other stories. The Swindell children never met other Swindell relatives except for Mary Elizabeth (Lib) and her family. They do not ever recall meeting great Aunts, Uncles, or other cousins.

Ruth did marry again some years after James' death. She met a man named Ealon Royal Lamphier in a nursing home where she worked. Ealon was a quadriplegic. They were married in Nov 1970 in the Akron area. There of course were no children born to them. Ealon was a well-known artist for painting by mouth. His artwork is known worldwide. Ealon died on 24 June 1985.

Below are the children of James Leon and Ruth Carolyn Swindell. They are listed in their birth order, beginning with Virginia Irene and her family.

Their Children and Their Families

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  1. Virginia Irene born in Ohio

    1. Walter O born in Ohio
      1. Jeffrey Paul
      2. Joseph Michael
    2. David James
    3. Michael Lloyd
      1. Christina Lynn
        1. Devon Lewis
        2. Drayton Lawrence
      2. Joshua Michael
  2. Betty Lou

    1. Robert Lee
      1. Rhonda Lee
        1. Elizabeth
        2. Meredith Lee
          1. James Theodore
          2. Brian Yoder
    2. Donald Orestes
      1. Christopher Orestes
        1. Kayla Marie
        2. Kate Elizabeth
      2. Amy Renee
    3. William James
      1. William James
        1. Caitlynn Elizabeth
        2. Connor Lareto
        3. Eric Bernd
          1. Jeffrey Michael
          2. Joseph Ray
    4. Patricia Lynn
      1. David Lee
        1. Rachael Ruth
      2. Robert William
        1. Robert William
        2. Emily Lynn
  3. James Leon Jr. b. in Ohio  -  James Leon Jr. died of Scarlet Fever and is buried in Mt. Peace Cemetery in Akron, Ohio

  4. Edward Lewis born in Ohio

    1. Edward Michael
    2. Sharlet Rae
      1. Jeremy Richard
    3. Tamera Sue
      1. Amanda Nicole
        1. Jordyn Nicole
      2. Jennifer Leigh
        1. Jaxon David
      3. Natalie Renee
    4. James Howard
  5. William Earl

    1. Cathy Lynn
      1. Connie Marie
        1. Luke Wayne
      2. Christina Lynn
    2. Karen Ruth
      1. Paul Randall
        1. Hayley Renee
      2. Jessica Dawn
        1. Selina Nicole
        2. Dawn Marie
        3. Shelby Lynn
    3. William Earl
      1. Steven William
        1. Kevin William
      2. Jennifer Nichole
        1. Jordan Matthew
  6. Genevieve Ruth

    1. Paul Leroy
      1. Whitney
        1. Kaitlynn
        2. Caleb
      2. Chad Allen
      3. Cody Michael
      4. Bethany Michele
      5. John Paul
    2. Brenda Jean
      1. Tonya Marie
        1. Olivia Marie
      2. Rachelle Ruth
    3. Belinda Jane
    4. Daniel James
      1. Kayle Shyann
  7. Rebecca Ann

    1. Regina Lynn
      1. Danielle Nicole
        1. Taylor Nicole
        2. Wyatt Chase
      2. Samantha Lee
    2. Virginia Lee
      1. Glen Michael
      2. Gary Mitchell
    3. Carolynn Ruth
      1. Crystal Lynn
  8. Richard Leroy

    1. Cheryl Renee
      1. Brett Michael
      2. Eric Christopher
    2. Laura Renee
      1. Michael Richard

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