Story of John R. Swindell

(1857 - 1935)
9th Child of William Swindell
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John R. Swindell was born on 09 June 1857 in Madison Township, Ohio. John did not marry until June of 1913 to a long time friend, Carrie Coulter Oatman.
John was a boarder with the Oatman family for several years. Carrie (Caroline E) was married to George Oatman until his death in 1906, and whom she had one child with.
John worked as a florist and in a greenhouse. He helped raise Carrie's son, W. Oatman. After George's death, Carrie remained in contact with the Oatman family, and is also buried in the Oatman family cemetery plot in Cedar Hill Cemetery, which is right next to the Swindell family plot.
John died on 20 February 1935 at age 77 years and is buried in the Swindell plot in Cedar Hill Cemetery.

- Ms. Karen Ruth Swindell Bosecker -