Story of Katherine A. Swindell

(1849 - ?)
6th Child of William Swindell
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Katherine A. Swindell was born in 1849 in Madison Township, Ohio. She lived at home with her parents in Newark, Ohio, but when her brother's (Annas) wife died in 1880, Katherine went to live with him and two of his children, also in Newark. Katherine, also known as Kate, was found to be living in Michigan City, Indiana in the 1900 Federal Census and was been married to a man named Robert Benwell since about 1883. It is believed that when Annas, who actually had four living children, went to Indiana, where his other two children were staying with their grandparents, Katherine went with him and the two children he had with him in Ohio to Michigan. We believe this is where she met Robert.

Kate and Robert did not have any children together. Her date of death is not known, nor where she is buried. Again, we find Katherine, also known as Kate, living in Michigan City, Indiana between 1913 and 1920. This information is found in the death notices of some of her siblings, showing she is Mrs. Kate Benwell of Indiana. According to those notices she was still alive in 1920, but is not mentioned in 1935 at the time of her brother John's death. It states John was the last of nine children of William Swindell.

- Ms. Karen Ruth Swindell Bosecker -